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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

original write up... toi@campus...7 april 09

Ways to De- stress


1 am, cloudy night, five chapters, two days to go for exams. Pacing down the alley, I realized the coffee was yet to brew. Mind was full, Lots of things entangled in it. As the coffee got ready, I took a sip and went to terrace. The cool breeze calmed me down. I was sure, two days were good enough. With a smile I returned to study, more relaxed, more confident.

Even a small break in day to day life of an individual holds a lot of importance. Amar, a hardworking first bencher of my class, never climbed the charts in exams, despite the titanic efforts put in by him. This continued for few semesters. When he consulted his friends, he realized he was missing something.. a break. He went to his native and spent time with his parents. When he came back before exams, he was more confident and no more tensed. No wonder he barged into top 5 of the class.

We had a typical night out during the last internal exams. We studied whole night(almost), had a very few hours of sleep, before we got ready for exams. As the exam finished, we were sitting in class when it started drizzling. Sleeves rolled, trousers folded, we started a game of football for next 1 hour. A post match relaxing session followed, where I saw that all were tired, but were happy. They had a well deserved break.

A road side eat out next to our college is a nice Adda .On the weekends it’s a common sight to find the students, chatting with the seniors. Day cruises by as the topic moves from lectures, to movies, to serious issues like recession and placements. The humorous chit-chats ensure we are back into business as the new week kicks off.

After a long 15 day marathon project work, a group of my friends went for a movie. As the hero delivered a sleazy dialogue, Abhi got up and started shouting and laughing out loud. When asked to calm down he said he was just trying to vent out his anger on the professor who has scolded him in the morning.

Fest time are a chillax moments. We howl we dance, we head bang. We see new MJ’s and Himesh bhai’s surfacing. They don’t care who is watching them, or whether their dance step is apt. All they know is that this is a fest time. So  “Full Maja Maadi”.

Its 6 pm, I am sitting under the wisdom tree. It has been a long week for me. Another day ends, another page of my diary filled. My mobile beeps... a message pops up…

From- All Crazy

Event- Project Relax Madi

Time- 8 pm

Venue- Lake side drive..


Time to go….


Some points which can be highlighted..

1.      A cup of coffee can make your day.

2.      A small group game can bring your energy back.

3.      A long drive may help u self introspect yourself.

4.      Reading a old letter, singing a nursery rhyme may bring back that innocence in you.

5. Speaking to elders, seniors will help us realize our roots.

Sandeep B Hanchanale

Final year, BE(Comp Sc)