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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Foundation of Love

Looking at this brat reminds me of the Fevicol ad where the mother is trying to keep her naughty son at one place. I call him “Chuk Buuk”. Rehman is his real name. . He is 6 years old. With an empty plate in one hand and other near his mouth; he keeps running around his mother who is a helper at construction site, imitating a train engine. I meet him almost every day after my classes.

As I was walking back to my dorm, he came and showed me a small painting. I asked him about its owner. His curious eyes radiated the happiness. He quipped me and said “I have done it Bhaiya, isn’t it good”? I was very happy. After 3 days of persuasion, he had left playing with sand and mud, and started to do something creative. I asked him what he does every day. His reply was “I get up, then play, den eat, then play, then sleep, then eat, then play, then….” . I understood. I asked him about his schooling. He said he doesn’t go to school. He feels he is still very young to go to school.

He held my hand and dragged me. He wanted to introduce me to his friends. I happily obliged. They were a gang of five. As he took me near the construction site, he introduced me to his friends as a “ Big Friend”. They asked about what I do. I said them that I study. Someone in the group said, Somu sings well. I requested him to sing for me. He was hesitant. He quickly ran away and hid behind his mother. I asked which game they play. They cheered Cricket. After a small chat I decided to return to dorm. Chuk Buuk decided to come with me till the end of the fenced area. Suddenly he asked me “ Bhaiya, who stays on top of that hill” pointing at the beautiful mountains of Lavale. I asked why. He wanted to go there it seems, but his mother never allowed him to cross the fence without her. He requested me to take me to the hill. He said he wanted to stand on top the farthest hill and call out his mother.

Before I bid my little friend goodbye, I offered him a chocolate. He took it from me, but did not open it. I asked him to have. He reluctantly kept it inside his pocket and said “I will show it to my mother and then I will eat”. Suddenly he looked at sky and started blowing kisses towards the sky. He waved at me and started running back. I called him back and asked for the explanation for those kisses. He hopped and withdrew back saying “ I am thanking god because I am very happy today”. His one hand still on the pocket where he had treasured the chocolate, he chugged back to his mother.

I just turned back to get his last glimpse for the day, I saw him, holding a broken brick, trying to persuade his mother to use it for the construction. His mother picked it, picked the boy in her arms, and kissed him.

Looking at the boy, I realized god is still around, I however small form he can be.

The pillars of love trust and innocence had prepared the foundation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Weekends are so good. But after monday and tuesday... i hate when i see the calender..WTF!!

Ya.. its Wednesday to Friday. Horrible days to be in a B school. You feel that u have been hung in mid air. The snapshot of the past weekend's endeavour keeps you kicking as if a carrot is shown to goat to keep moving ahead. Evening football sessions seems to take a backseat with glimpses of submissions and "holy Crap" class tests. Deadlines start dangling on the notice board just to test Herculean-ness in us.

seems that the admin tries to see " How much can we take" . Its like a war where everyone tries to wriggle out of the maze without pulling the trigger. All eyes will be glued on to the time as if extension of class will snatch a chance of hitting the podium with Schumi.

Its seldom i get to post a blog while i am in class. But u tend to learn that in a School. Isn it?

just chill and sing along with me ... WTF!!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surrounded by Illusion

It was the 7th time the stupid game had called me " Loser". For past one week i was jobless. . With hardly a few members of my batch and all seniors around, College looked a lot calmer. Don even think of asking why i stayed back. We were a bunch of caretakers of college who were on special mission to guard the college.(Ended up doing that.. Almost ). I tried to do what all i couldn't do throughout the first semester at college. I washed clothes, cleaned my room. I took a snap of room before and after the cleaning. wow... It looks so beautiful. I wanted to send a snap home but that would freak the hell out of my mother(as she never saw me keep it so clean lately).
Day One:
Good Afternoon.. I said to myself. Kept my laptop on for almost 5 hours non stop to download as many movies i could. I ended up falling asleep again only to realize its already evening.. The battery had died and comp was in a hallucinating stage :P. Drowsy but stable i walked up to the mess and hogged two chats and some tea... I heard some seniors running back to the hostel .. they were happy that the "problem x from the y text book, taught by z teacher in ab's class did not turn up in exam".. pooor fella.. I had a similar tale to tell a few days back.
Day Two:
Good Afternoon( Again...). I was tired of explaining seniors why i was on campus all these days with few others. But thats the way it is.. Luckily few seniors saw me jobless and called me for a game of football. The match lasted about an hour.30 minutes we spent looking for the ball in the woods, 15 minutes i ended up looking for it in the other teams possession, 10 min i kissed it with my foot( Almost..) I backed out the last 5 min.. I felt i was in the Manchester stadium.
Day Three:
" Movie at 11 .. wake up u ass" Read my mobile screen. It was 10 am and i was freaking out from where did this come from. As this was the only way to see the outside world(considering the city is around 18 km), i felt it was a fair deal to get up and get ready. Watched a movie, full paisa vasool..
Day four:
Frustrated with the timetable
of getting up at 10 or 11 am, i decide to check how the would looks at 6 am. Beautiful...!!!
Sun stroked cloudless sky with a pinch of mist and birds chirping.. I wondered life is a lot better on this side of hostel.
Day Five and Six was similar but not same.. So i will skip it.

I learnt a few things....
1. Grass on the other side of the Meadow is always green.
2. Get some Biscuits with u... u never know when you require them.
3. Hot drink+ cigar ash+ soda +lemon.. sucks..( saw my friend puke .. :( .........)
4. Carry your mobile when you go for a walk. You end up missing someone special..
5. Take life with a pinch of salt. Life comes in a package

The new semester was greeted with a chilly morning and a misty day.. Long way to go :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mehfil- E- Jannat

Moment: 6 pm

Venue: Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee...

They say a lot happens over coffee. Indeed it does. Not just because I am a complete Coffee freak. I am. This place I am talking about is the beauty of SIBM Campus.

Nestled in between the shopping complex and the Dining hall, this 40 X 60 area kindles life. After a long and tiring day, students come here to recline on the metallic sidebars and share the day’s happenings. The shopping complex by now consists of a Unisex Saloon, a Chat shop and a new "All-in-one" super shop and an Espresso hot and cold beverages shop.

The place picks up pace around 7 pm, just before dinner when students from all the three institutes on campus come .The crowd is floating. On one side it’s the coffee provided in the Dining hall, and on other side it’s the "paid “coffee" provided by these shops. With coffee/tea in one hand (no matter from where), the beautiful Lavale valley which spans across the horizon and the group of friends on other side, we can’t ask for anything better.

Topics span from the latest trends in Pune city to the hottest "Dame" on campus. Some students who just want to have some peaceful time also come. And refreshment??? Ohhh it’s in plenty here. Fresh air, fresh faces, fresh topics. Somebody talks about how a lecturer gave very less marks, and the close friend tries to console in the best suited way. Some business lingo freaks talk about the latest stock market news and some quiz each other on the latest jargons. Of course there are some like me who are just "Lost" hearing the Greek and Latin.

I decided to just skim across and listen to what all topics are being discussed. I started with some guys and gals who were standing in a group nearby. They were excited about new Chat shop on campus. As I moved across the lounge somebody was telling how his latest downloads software is better than the previous one. And he went on to literally force others to use it. There was another group of seniors who were discussing about a hot fresher whom they met during the Fresher’s party. One among them noticed me and suddenly stopped as if they had said something "not to be spoken". Common guys.. It’s ok. Surprisingly as I met another classmate of mine, who was staring continuously at the seniors group, caught my attention. As I went to talk to her, she revealed that she somewhat finds this senior "Interesting"...OOOFFFF another way to prove A->B, B->C (Now don’t ask about A->c or other way round)

Somewhere down the alley I saw a guy from my class who was sitting all alone, looking at the vast sky and waiting as if someone special would come from the mountains to see him. I asked him the reason for the silence. Very articulately he answered "can you hear the silence? Doesn’t it seem as if that mountain waits everyday for sun to set and for the beautiful moon to come and have a date with it?" I saw a letter pad on his lap. A poet he was...

I happened to just drop in after a heavy day with Economics class being the Show stopper for the day. Since it was the last day before our class was going to disintegrate into different specialization, we had decided to spend some time together over a coffee. As we reached, some barged to get some coffee and other who were Chat freaks went to get some "Samosa Chat" and "Pakoda". The damages were not cared as it was the last day as MBA 'A' Div. Somebody just mentioned "do you remember 2 months back we were unknown to each other, coming from far and wide, but now, it’s SIBM which binds us :)" For that fraction of second all of us stood silently. Nobody realized they went through a flashback of what all had happened all these days. How it started from the Induction day, to how somebody entered late to class. How the director gave a Moral Lecture full of "Josh", how the celebration took place when someone got into councils, and how we freaked out during the Fresher’s Party. The songs of K.K about college days had surfaced again.

Somehow I felt a little disturbed. I traced my steps back and started walking towards the centre of the quadrangle. I stood at the centre looking around. With the Moist Sunrays, Cool Breeze, Blue Mountains, and lots of friends around I realized, Life is here. Let’s embracing every moment.

Sipping my cup of coffee, I bid goodbye to all. A lot had happened over a coffee....

Sandeep B Hanchanale

32122, Marketing-A,


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Leave amidst the Swine flu

Thanks to "Swine flu" , we at my college in Pune, got around a fort night leave(initially a week, but extended for some more days). Within 2 hours i was ready, with packed bags and broad smile, to go to Home- Sweet- Home :) Traveling in the college bus and reaching Swargate was a ride to remember. As i looked outside the window, all i saw were people covered in the marks. The expression on their face was not a pleasant feeling. Small school children were holding each other's hands and trotting across the dusty lanes.
As i reached the place at around 9 pm, i decided to stroll the Bus stand til 10:30 pm. My bus was scheduled to depart at 11 pm. Now the question was what to do at 9 pm, in a city Bus stand which will captivate me for at least an hour. As i got down, i felt the pressure and went to finish my daily business.I took out my "Mask", a typical surgical mask for around 10 rupees, which almost covered my face. The question was that whether this mask would give me enough protection against the flu?I was getting information and my parents were literally tracking my every move sitting from home. thanks to Mobile Phone.Constant orders like Wash u r hands, put on the mask, don eat outside, etc etc were being flooded from all angles.After all they are my parents:)
The agony of travelling the whole night in an Asiad Bus(that's what they call here, not sure about the spelling...) doubled as the conductor handed me the middle seat in the last row of the bus. Lord save me.At last with much start up problems, the bus started. Suddenly i realised almost everyone in the bus, including the conductor was covering their face. I realised, everyone loves their life a lot.
After a long, bumpy ride, and severe back ache, i reached Solapur at around 5 am.Without wasting any more time i got into another bus which would ferry me to my native place, Bijapur. By 8 i entered the historical city. My father was waiting to pick me up at the bus stand. He was relieved to find that i still had the mask on me.
After a long break i am back at my college.The assignments have piled up. The scene looks gloomy. I realise i have spent the leave enjoying with my friends and talking to my relatives. But our lecturers expected us to study during this time. I wish i could. With very few days left for an important event lined up to occur, and everybody on campus trying to print it in our mind, i am left with no option but to think seriously and act appropriately.
Hope all will be well in a few days from now when i Will be back at my native with a reason to smile.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some Recent Updates on Wordpress

1. WordPress hook: Disable posts auto saving


2. Disable syntax highlighting in WordPress 2.8


3.Display posts from X specific authors on your WordPress blog


Friday, July 10, 2009

someday i will

The truth is worth the thousand miles. It takes a new world to call something home,

Edging past the heavy traffic of pune, comes the world of exquisite beauty. It’s in new divide .The rickety road prepares you to toughness. Every curve negotiated gives u sense of satisfaction. Every person you meet on campus radiates the confidence and energy, the energy to do something fruitful.

As you step in to the academic block, u can sense the aura. It’s a whole new world. Something in me set all the nerves up and running.. Walking across a world class infrastructure, i could see the responsibility these pillars were carrying. I had my Hands on certainty. Capacity of courage and commitment.

The winds of change had already embraced me. Every stone echoed the amount of challenges it underwent. Smartly dressed students greeted me at the entrance. I felt it. The sense of brotherhood. Across millions of miles. We shared a bond. The bond of SIBM.

Hovering around the campus for some time, I picked a small trial which led to a view point. Walking along I saw the holy grail of trail blazers which spoke of the journey. The journey which may have started from the Foot hills of Himalays or the long standing Vivekananda Rock, to the picturesque ranges of Lavale. Green blanket of fern and moss was touching my feet. Foot soaked in the dark brown shade of slush. The clouds around take took me to a new world altogether. Standing at the pinnacle of the heavy grass land and the whole horizon left to kiss and embrace. Numerous Fountains of silver elixir rubbing the green lawns was a sight of life.

The sun had started to feel sleepy. Slowly it receded in the Blue Mountains. The holy spirit of satisfaction finds solace in the mountains of SIBM.....

The golden rays covered the entire sky. Cool breeze carried the spirited echoes across the valley. The birds were returning to nest. The message was conveyed. Its not the end of the journey so far. It’s going to be a new day. A new beginning.

I have been an optimist prime.

We are here. We are waiting

Friday, July 3, 2009


It was Ist:0700.
The Updates section on my laptop was beeping.I sensed something historic has happened."HISTORIC".. Definitely yes. The supreme court had , at last, recognized the Special Breed.I was very happy.Does not mean i am a gay. I am definitely not.But in the world where we talk of equal rights to everyone, this comes of a surprise to me. India is bounded by its own set of values, which are very grounded. But Does it mean we should fail to recognize the people who are , just like us, even just not being like us?The clear written document which the article 377 says, i don't wish to explain here. But its great on the part of Indian law that this is the initial step for the ultimate "Change". Now, even they can breathe freely.Recently i read about a teen age couple(both ladies), who ran from their home town in kerala, just to be peaceful and live their life their way.They need not hide any more. Another girl was beaten blue and black, just because she told her mother, that she likes another girl, and wishes to spend her entire life with her.Now onwards, even she can stand up and make her choice. Make it for good.The celebrity aspect always helps. Great to see Celina Jaitley pitch in her solidarity and even get her photo published in the media, with a Gay.The world is slowly recognizing this breed. I guess the world "GAY " DESERVES A BETTER OUTLOOK. This day will definitely go down in the history of Modern India.
Long Hail....

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


IST: 0300 hours
Position: 6600 mts, Mt Gangotri-1, Gharwal Himalayas.
Plan: Final Assault to achieve 6672 mts.
“There she is...”...Admired ‘Tiger’ (our team lead). Standing majestic, almost hazy, stood the peak, thumping the authority in the entire belt. We, a bunch of 18 young boys, all 16 year old, had done something which others of our age can aspire to. We were the youngest to reach to that peak. Wind blowing at a dangerous speed, and body covered in heavy fabrics,, with goggles to cover our vision and Crampons to hold our feet in snow, we started the assault. We had to make it to the top before the sun could rise. We didn’t want the ground beneath us melt due to sunrays which would fall majestically on this peak. The entire team had entrusted to the wills of Gods which resides in those mountains. Temperature taking the –ve dip to -10 degree, and winds lashing our faces, we braved ahead. With a slope of about 70 degree, the ad reline which rushes in you at that moment, can’t be weighed. Suddenly the Sherpa shouted “take the left ridge.. I fear there is a crevasse on the right”. Our Heart skipped a beat. Crevasse is a death trap. One careless step and it’s your dooms day.
“Buck up boys.. The sun is on its way...”shouted tiger. We halted for a drop of life, resting in a small rock formation, kneeling down to grip it with our knee. Long across the Chinese border, we saw the silver lining, beautifully painting the sleepy sky red. Suddenly I heard “ANCHOR....”. I jumped to my left with the ice axe and pierced the hard snow with it. Someone from the team had slipped and this was to hold him as all are connected by a strong rope. The bottle from his bag had slipped. It fell on the deep edges and rock, running a chill down my spine. It slowly lost its intensity as it perished in the virgin valley. Nobody knows what lies there. And nobody would want to know, as the only way to reach there is to let go your ropes.
Lips tasting salty with the sweat inching down the throat, we saw the “Hanging Head”. It’s called hanging because it’s not permanent. “Victory.....” Shouted tiger. I looked around the vast barren snow land. We had done it. We conquered the peak. Tiger took the radio and Averred to the people at 3 places, our school at D.Dun, The base camp, and Advance base camp..“ Assault attempt successful. We did it”. Slowly we unpacked. We hugged each other and celebrated the victory by unfurling the Flags of Indian Army and my school.
I open my diary. It’s almost 6 years now. Slowly the sun had started to smile. It was a new horizon, a new day. A day to be cherished for life time. I have not forgotten the smell of fresh snow, the temper of gutsy wind, and the whole nature to embrace. In the quest to summit, I lost my 6 fingers due to frost bite. The doctor did not diagnose properly. In bargain I had to change my career. But was it worth it is the question I still ponder upon. Many words said and many miles walked. All i cherish is the journey to it. I wish to go back. Go back for good.
Ich Dien

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sometimes your feet goes numb, u miss a pulse, u feel restless...its not always a sign of some medical alertness. Its just that u feel u are struck in a time wrap.. losing the battle with the cold breeze, submitting to the vast sky. Inching forward u tend to take a sleek lean towards the left, u realize, may be right was better. But walking a few bricks ahead u feel .. yes.. i m OK.. going steady. The tiny droplets makes u realize the epitome of travel, the mystic dawn deepens the plot. U feel... wer am i? All i am talking here is about feelings.. which is abundant.. yet so scary sometimes..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

SIBM... What a Place. Nestled in the mountains near pune, this temple of learning has its unique aura. Navigating the long dusty roads of PUNE, the bus inched towards the college nestled amidst the mountains, around 18km from the main city. As the bus reached the base of the hillock on which the college is situated, the tone of the bus changed as if it is from the "Mughal era" trying to negotiate those terrains. Slowly and steadily, our vehicle climbed the hillock wen the bus abruptly stopped at the entrance. The guard entered the bus and announced"MBA First Year ke Bacche, jinhe hostel nahi mila hai, woh Bahar aaiye". With 2 heavy bags, i got down and the bus went inside the camps. Long near the horizon i saw a building and asked the guard, "Kya wohi hamara hostel hai?The guard quipped and said "haan.. wahi hai". He directed me to the building next and asked to to go the office and finish all my formalities and get the hostel and room details. within 10 min the job was done. But now the problem was how will i carry the entire luggage with no vehicle, around a km away? I saw a rack of bicycles kept and took one to ferry the luggage. Balancing the luggage i somehow " walked " with the cycle, with luggage kept on it and reached hostel. The evening went in "breaking the ice" with seniors and small chat sessions. Next day morning we had the induction day.Dress code:-Formals with Tie. My room mate had arrived by night and we just happened to go for a long walk. after coming back from hostel i met few of students from my state and are very close to me now.

Next day morning i got up early and rushed for breakfast. Then we all gathered in the audi. we had some CEO and the director of our college to welcome and give the definite set of rules. Its been 3 days that i have been in the audi from 10am - 5 pm. Some interesting quotes which came up were-

1. "There was a time when Pune was called the Oxford of the East. With our ambitious plans of expansion and going global, there will come a day when Universities will yearn for the title Symbiosis of the West!!!"----------- by our dear principal director.

2. "In the US of A, you must know where to rape!!" - Professor who was stressing on the importance of understanding the geographical and political systems in various regions in the world and their necessity for emerging business leaders and managers. The fine for rape, incidentally varies from state to state in the USA .---another prof about his journey around the world.

My room is situated on the 5th floor of the building and i can see a nice golf course view from it.

Till now the work pressure has not been too much.. but hope the plot is worth the wait....

lots more to come....


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

original write up... toi@campus...7 april 09

Ways to De- stress


1 am, cloudy night, five chapters, two days to go for exams. Pacing down the alley, I realized the coffee was yet to brew. Mind was full, Lots of things entangled in it. As the coffee got ready, I took a sip and went to terrace. The cool breeze calmed me down. I was sure, two days were good enough. With a smile I returned to study, more relaxed, more confident.

Even a small break in day to day life of an individual holds a lot of importance. Amar, a hardworking first bencher of my class, never climbed the charts in exams, despite the titanic efforts put in by him. This continued for few semesters. When he consulted his friends, he realized he was missing something.. a break. He went to his native and spent time with his parents. When he came back before exams, he was more confident and no more tensed. No wonder he barged into top 5 of the class.

We had a typical night out during the last internal exams. We studied whole night(almost), had a very few hours of sleep, before we got ready for exams. As the exam finished, we were sitting in class when it started drizzling. Sleeves rolled, trousers folded, we started a game of football for next 1 hour. A post match relaxing session followed, where I saw that all were tired, but were happy. They had a well deserved break.

A road side eat out next to our college is a nice Adda .On the weekends it’s a common sight to find the students, chatting with the seniors. Day cruises by as the topic moves from lectures, to movies, to serious issues like recession and placements. The humorous chit-chats ensure we are back into business as the new week kicks off.

After a long 15 day marathon project work, a group of my friends went for a movie. As the hero delivered a sleazy dialogue, Abhi got up and started shouting and laughing out loud. When asked to calm down he said he was just trying to vent out his anger on the professor who has scolded him in the morning.

Fest time are a chillax moments. We howl we dance, we head bang. We see new MJ’s and Himesh bhai’s surfacing. They don’t care who is watching them, or whether their dance step is apt. All they know is that this is a fest time. So  “Full Maja Maadi”.

Its 6 pm, I am sitting under the wisdom tree. It has been a long week for me. Another day ends, another page of my diary filled. My mobile beeps... a message pops up…

From- All Crazy

Event- Project Relax Madi

Time- 8 pm

Venue- Lake side drive..


Time to go….


Some points which can be highlighted..

1.      A cup of coffee can make your day.

2.      A small group game can bring your energy back.

3.      A long drive may help u self introspect yourself.

4.      Reading a old letter, singing a nursery rhyme may bring back that innocence in you.

5. Speaking to elders, seniors will help us realize our roots.

Sandeep B Hanchanale

Final year, BE(Comp Sc)








Saturday, March 7, 2009


Does it Dazzle??
Ofcourse it baffles!!!
But with some1 it ruffles.
Sometime it makes us to chukle.
Or force us to play with marble.
Ultimately its a good riddle.
The reason is feeble,
But effect is Global.
Ohh what a puzzle....

lazy me.....

Slump like cheese, i was down and freezed
I stared at the dark corner, i wish it breezed.
Looking at the nook, i saw the door open,
I crouched on the couch, wishing i wouldn see any1.
Mind static, body heavy, i had my nerves jolted,
muscles crumbled, breath smoothened, the devil in me had voted.
Sleep encrouched my mind, i withered like a snake,
Looking at the clock, i thought shall i make or fake?
Buttons ripped, knot loosened, i saw the litter in big heap,
Door opened, me in slumber, i wished, i wouldn weep.
Sound of clock tics, i heard it fade in blue,
It was the heaven and satin, i was about to woo.
Slowly losing the battle to stay awake, stared at the shelf.
I knew i was a lazy slump to even lock the door & myself.
Betrayed, buried and broken, i dozed as before,
I was lazy boy who didn even lock the door.


Lustures, as golden metaL
Innocent, as beach of hawaiI
Priceless, as the taste of tuliP
Saucy,as the lusty bustS
Its beautiful....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

idli dosa to vada pao

I was on my way to pune... in train ... somewhere in the misdt of the mountains near pune... i suddenlyy spotted a deer(guess it was a antelope .. in its early days still). This animal stood still as the train slowed down...i was standing at the door of my coach.... i started watching it... it seemed very calm... lots of things ran in my mind... aren man and animal fighting for a space to live? aren humans, for their selfish motives encroching the animal habitat?or who will draw the boundary? the thin line ?
I remember an article in a leading daily which mentioned about a special tribe called "vishnoi"in rajasthan, who take care of these animals as their own children.Sometime they go to the extent of brest feeding the younger deers.
atlast the train picked up its speed... i felt the deer was trying to tell me something...telling me to fight for their right.. right for their existance... As the train gained momentum, i lost its sight...i retreated to my seat blessing those brave mothers who care these animals as their own children...
long live humanity
god speed