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Friday, July 10, 2009

someday i will

The truth is worth the thousand miles. It takes a new world to call something home,

Edging past the heavy traffic of pune, comes the world of exquisite beauty. It’s in new divide .The rickety road prepares you to toughness. Every curve negotiated gives u sense of satisfaction. Every person you meet on campus radiates the confidence and energy, the energy to do something fruitful.

As you step in to the academic block, u can sense the aura. It’s a whole new world. Something in me set all the nerves up and running.. Walking across a world class infrastructure, i could see the responsibility these pillars were carrying. I had my Hands on certainty. Capacity of courage and commitment.

The winds of change had already embraced me. Every stone echoed the amount of challenges it underwent. Smartly dressed students greeted me at the entrance. I felt it. The sense of brotherhood. Across millions of miles. We shared a bond. The bond of SIBM.

Hovering around the campus for some time, I picked a small trial which led to a view point. Walking along I saw the holy grail of trail blazers which spoke of the journey. The journey which may have started from the Foot hills of Himalays or the long standing Vivekananda Rock, to the picturesque ranges of Lavale. Green blanket of fern and moss was touching my feet. Foot soaked in the dark brown shade of slush. The clouds around take took me to a new world altogether. Standing at the pinnacle of the heavy grass land and the whole horizon left to kiss and embrace. Numerous Fountains of silver elixir rubbing the green lawns was a sight of life.

The sun had started to feel sleepy. Slowly it receded in the Blue Mountains. The holy spirit of satisfaction finds solace in the mountains of SIBM.....

The golden rays covered the entire sky. Cool breeze carried the spirited echoes across the valley. The birds were returning to nest. The message was conveyed. Its not the end of the journey so far. It’s going to be a new day. A new beginning.

I have been an optimist prime.

We are here. We are waiting

Friday, July 3, 2009


It was Ist:0700.
The Updates section on my laptop was beeping.I sensed something historic has happened."HISTORIC".. Definitely yes. The supreme court had , at last, recognized the Special Breed.I was very happy.Does not mean i am a gay. I am definitely not.But in the world where we talk of equal rights to everyone, this comes of a surprise to me. India is bounded by its own set of values, which are very grounded. But Does it mean we should fail to recognize the people who are , just like us, even just not being like us?The clear written document which the article 377 says, i don't wish to explain here. But its great on the part of Indian law that this is the initial step for the ultimate "Change". Now, even they can breathe freely.Recently i read about a teen age couple(both ladies), who ran from their home town in kerala, just to be peaceful and live their life their way.They need not hide any more. Another girl was beaten blue and black, just because she told her mother, that she likes another girl, and wishes to spend her entire life with her.Now onwards, even she can stand up and make her choice. Make it for good.The celebrity aspect always helps. Great to see Celina Jaitley pitch in her solidarity and even get her photo published in the media, with a Gay.The world is slowly recognizing this breed. I guess the world "GAY " DESERVES A BETTER OUTLOOK. This day will definitely go down in the history of Modern India.
Long Hail....