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Saturday, March 7, 2009

lazy me.....

Slump like cheese, i was down and freezed
I stared at the dark corner, i wish it breezed.
Looking at the nook, i saw the door open,
I crouched on the couch, wishing i wouldn see any1.
Mind static, body heavy, i had my nerves jolted,
muscles crumbled, breath smoothened, the devil in me had voted.
Sleep encrouched my mind, i withered like a snake,
Looking at the clock, i thought shall i make or fake?
Buttons ripped, knot loosened, i saw the litter in big heap,
Door opened, me in slumber, i wished, i wouldn weep.
Sound of clock tics, i heard it fade in blue,
It was the heaven and satin, i was about to woo.
Slowly losing the battle to stay awake, stared at the shelf.
I knew i was a lazy slump to even lock the door & myself.
Betrayed, buried and broken, i dozed as before,
I was lazy boy who didn even lock the door.

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