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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Leave amidst the Swine flu

Thanks to "Swine flu" , we at my college in Pune, got around a fort night leave(initially a week, but extended for some more days). Within 2 hours i was ready, with packed bags and broad smile, to go to Home- Sweet- Home :) Traveling in the college bus and reaching Swargate was a ride to remember. As i looked outside the window, all i saw were people covered in the marks. The expression on their face was not a pleasant feeling. Small school children were holding each other's hands and trotting across the dusty lanes.
As i reached the place at around 9 pm, i decided to stroll the Bus stand til 10:30 pm. My bus was scheduled to depart at 11 pm. Now the question was what to do at 9 pm, in a city Bus stand which will captivate me for at least an hour. As i got down, i felt the pressure and went to finish my daily business.I took out my "Mask", a typical surgical mask for around 10 rupees, which almost covered my face. The question was that whether this mask would give me enough protection against the flu?I was getting information and my parents were literally tracking my every move sitting from home. thanks to Mobile Phone.Constant orders like Wash u r hands, put on the mask, don eat outside, etc etc were being flooded from all angles.After all they are my parents:)
The agony of travelling the whole night in an Asiad Bus(that's what they call here, not sure about the spelling...) doubled as the conductor handed me the middle seat in the last row of the bus. Lord save me.At last with much start up problems, the bus started. Suddenly i realised almost everyone in the bus, including the conductor was covering their face. I realised, everyone loves their life a lot.
After a long, bumpy ride, and severe back ache, i reached Solapur at around 5 am.Without wasting any more time i got into another bus which would ferry me to my native place, Bijapur. By 8 i entered the historical city. My father was waiting to pick me up at the bus stand. He was relieved to find that i still had the mask on me.
After a long break i am back at my college.The assignments have piled up. The scene looks gloomy. I realise i have spent the leave enjoying with my friends and talking to my relatives. But our lecturers expected us to study during this time. I wish i could. With very few days left for an important event lined up to occur, and everybody on campus trying to print it in our mind, i am left with no option but to think seriously and act appropriately.
Hope all will be well in a few days from now when i Will be back at my native with a reason to smile.


Nitin "Engineer" Prabhu said...

Nice post

A couple of suggestions though. If possible change the background from black to some light colour or atleast change the font size. Its too difficult to read!!


Whisky said...

@nitin: okie sir....