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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Seasonal Patriotism

11 pm yesterday night was quite a shock. I was woken up from my Facebook siesta by loud music and rampant slogans. Vande Mataram and Jai Hind were memorized. Small groups started moving in the corridor and cheering for India with full Josh.

Independence day was here.

Suddenly a clutter of online space was jammed with independence day's messages and status updates. Patriotic Videos and speeches were exchanged. Some news channels flashed scenes across prominent locations in metros about how the youth of India was Celebrating its Independence day. Mandals and Chowks were being decorated for flag hoisting.

Suddenly the camera shifted to some youths helping an old aged man cross the road and providing some snacks and water. The whole group got some old cloths and gifted them to him so that he could protect himself from the chilling night. May be it was an unseen India for him. He was so overwhelmed that tears started rolling down from his cheek. The young brigade continued their quest of decorating the street after this incident.

I was very moved by this event. The concept of " Seasonal Patriotism" had a new meaning now in my mind. We do not fail to remember our heroes who won us independence and give them due respect every year on the designated day. But when we do it, we get to see some extraordinary events like this.

Had you imagined possibility of such kindness showered on a street player on a normal day when the whole world is hardly bothered to find whats happening in their own house, forget about people on street. The world moves as if a day comprises of 12 hours instead of 24. Friends meeting and talking to relatives is a distant dream in today's world.

I am a part of this youth and i share this state of India.

I was happy to see such seasonal patriotism.

Long Live India.

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dhiraj said...

Sahara India Pariwar has taken great initiative to bring the people of country together through the medium of national anthem. We all should come up one by one joining the hands of each other to make a such a strong knot on which every Indian word get printed strongly. Let us make this day auspicious in the world by making one of unbreakable records. Jai Hind!
Bharat Bhawna Diwas