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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Super Duper Sunday

First thing you notice about a Sunday is.. It’s supposed to be a holiday. But guess cosmos had seen my face book profile and cursed me for partying hard for last few days in the rains of lavale.

Bang!! I get a mail Saturday night that I have an elective class scheduled @10 am.

FTW?? Sunday effeed up?

Holy Cow.. yes.. “That was the Sunday that was”.

Thanks to the news paper guy, I get to see my fav actresses and try to make sense of ongoing business scenario. Finally P&G had showcased their mysterious shampoo which HUL had already taken case of. Wonder how some companies get such dreams. Poor coach of some country was scared to death because his team had not performed well in an international tournament. Hope he doesn get hanged. Scrolling ahead I found that some channel had properly interviewed a high official about to be happening CW games. Had got some tweets about the pattern of interaction happening the day before. Next I turned to the supplement. Was refreshed to see some new faces and better variant of “ what to use “ to play safe. That too in new flavor.

My friend had got a belt for me as my other belt’s owner was apparently behind me to return. Poor boy. Wonder why people have to fight so much to claim something which is theirs.

It has been almost a week that god has been kind to read daily news papers and tweet about water scarcity in Pune. He was so disturbed that he said “ Guys, I m going on vacation for a week. Tap will be on. Store as much as u can”. Felt good to see sunrise after many days.

Ever heard of “Aloo Parotha” without the stuffing in it? Well meet me and I will treat you. I know a place where you get the best of this kind.

On my way to class I encountered another interesting scene for second time in this week. I wonder what rain brings on to this campus. We get to see weird creatures trying many postures with known creatures, and there are always few dogs watching this heavenly “Tandav”. Last time I had seen a grass hopper running behind a frog and few dogs watching. Someone please hand them an induction manual.

As this was the first elective class, I was not quite excited. But I regret this. It was a happy ending to the class. Details can be discussed in private.

Knowing that afternoon will be boring, I decided to catch an action flick in the city. But devil save me, it started raining again. Plan cancelled. I was back in my room again.

I opened up my laptop and saw a creature similar to me smiling shamelessly at me. I was so irritated; I took off my snap and put some decent well dressed pout lipped hippie. Guess the comp also liked it and reacted immediately with a system restore. Even technology has emotions.

As always, few take aways

1. Get up early, you never wanna miss a hot cup of tea in this rain.

2. Use mouth freshener, you may end up sitting next to a girl on breakfast table.

3. Carry a camera if possible. You will get to know new positions

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