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Friday, September 5, 2008

Sleepin in the grave

Every time the train chugs, I am reminded of her,

Wish the world stopped there once and forever.

Clad in the golden mist, she stepped out of the train,

Hazy twilight showering its grace on you, is it love or a love grain?

Placing your soft palms on my shoulder, you tenderly greeted me with a peck

on my cheek,

Not less not more , wish I had enough words to speak.

Hand in hand, we walked under a shady tree,

Nature at its best, I wish you could hear my plea.

Looking in her eyes, I felt the world at our feet,

Why do I get lost in them, as that’s where our worlds meet.

Tears rolling down her eyes, she made me feel what is pain.

I knew it well, she is not going to meet me or come again.

Moist breeze covering us around, waiting for us to come together,

Tenderly she wept in my arms and held me.. as if .. forever.

Held in the weight of emotions, I comforted her to stay,

She wept harder as if the world was far and away.

Holding my hand she quivered, weak and broken..

Didn know as the time swept, as if it was on a long run.

Sweet tears rolled down her cheeks ,rubbing my face and wetting it,

2lives were to be separated, a cloudy sky, a shady tree and beneath it .

The grip loosening, emotions high, she moved an inch behind.

I knew it was the time.. as the world wouldn unwind.

She left me once and for ever, trying to catch the last glimpse of me,

Train chugged away in the golden mist, I stood lost, broken … under the shady tree.

1 comment:

!nversed Poignancy! said...

A twist in the tale as they say..Lovely..
Beautifully put across..
Loved the way it meanders..Perfectly Sinusoidal..:)
Good One!