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Thursday, February 12, 2009

idli dosa to vada pao

I was on my way to pune... in train ... somewhere in the misdt of the mountains near pune... i suddenlyy spotted a deer(guess it was a antelope .. in its early days still). This animal stood still as the train slowed down...i was standing at the door of my coach.... i started watching it... it seemed very calm... lots of things ran in my mind... aren man and animal fighting for a space to live? aren humans, for their selfish motives encroching the animal habitat?or who will draw the boundary? the thin line ?
I remember an article in a leading daily which mentioned about a special tribe called "vishnoi"in rajasthan, who take care of these animals as their own children.Sometime they go to the extent of brest feeding the younger deers.
atlast the train picked up its speed... i felt the deer was trying to tell me something...telling me to fight for their right.. right for their existance... As the train gained momentum, i lost its sight...i retreated to my seat blessing those brave mothers who care these animals as their own children...
long live humanity
god speed


!nversed Poignancy! said...
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!nversed Poignancy! said...

Ah!, Yeah..Loved the info that i imbibed here. But, a quibble here- Dont you think that animals need to be left to themselves? Dont you think that the contour drawn shouldn't be thin, but rather "bold"?

I could actually provide the same view in another dimension!.

Read this..

whisky said...

proably yes... but wen human race has gone to the extent of encroching their space and capturing their land, at least some brave mothers ate taking care to help their race to continue....
i would love to seee the way u would put it across,,,...:)