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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


IST: 0300 hours
Position: 6600 mts, Mt Gangotri-1, Gharwal Himalayas.
Plan: Final Assault to achieve 6672 mts.
“There she is...”...Admired ‘Tiger’ (our team lead). Standing majestic, almost hazy, stood the peak, thumping the authority in the entire belt. We, a bunch of 18 young boys, all 16 year old, had done something which others of our age can aspire to. We were the youngest to reach to that peak. Wind blowing at a dangerous speed, and body covered in heavy fabrics,, with goggles to cover our vision and Crampons to hold our feet in snow, we started the assault. We had to make it to the top before the sun could rise. We didn’t want the ground beneath us melt due to sunrays which would fall majestically on this peak. The entire team had entrusted to the wills of Gods which resides in those mountains. Temperature taking the –ve dip to -10 degree, and winds lashing our faces, we braved ahead. With a slope of about 70 degree, the ad reline which rushes in you at that moment, can’t be weighed. Suddenly the Sherpa shouted “take the left ridge.. I fear there is a crevasse on the right”. Our Heart skipped a beat. Crevasse is a death trap. One careless step and it’s your dooms day.
“Buck up boys.. The sun is on its way...”shouted tiger. We halted for a drop of life, resting in a small rock formation, kneeling down to grip it with our knee. Long across the Chinese border, we saw the silver lining, beautifully painting the sleepy sky red. Suddenly I heard “ANCHOR....”. I jumped to my left with the ice axe and pierced the hard snow with it. Someone from the team had slipped and this was to hold him as all are connected by a strong rope. The bottle from his bag had slipped. It fell on the deep edges and rock, running a chill down my spine. It slowly lost its intensity as it perished in the virgin valley. Nobody knows what lies there. And nobody would want to know, as the only way to reach there is to let go your ropes.
Lips tasting salty with the sweat inching down the throat, we saw the “Hanging Head”. It’s called hanging because it’s not permanent. “Victory.....” Shouted tiger. I looked around the vast barren snow land. We had done it. We conquered the peak. Tiger took the radio and Averred to the people at 3 places, our school at D.Dun, The base camp, and Advance base camp..“ Assault attempt successful. We did it”. Slowly we unpacked. We hugged each other and celebrated the victory by unfurling the Flags of Indian Army and my school.
I open my diary. It’s almost 6 years now. Slowly the sun had started to smile. It was a new horizon, a new day. A day to be cherished for life time. I have not forgotten the smell of fresh snow, the temper of gutsy wind, and the whole nature to embrace. In the quest to summit, I lost my 6 fingers due to frost bite. The doctor did not diagnose properly. In bargain I had to change my career. But was it worth it is the question I still ponder upon. Many words said and many miles walked. All i cherish is the journey to it. I wish to go back. Go back for good.
Ich Dien


!nversed Poignancy! said...

awesome fable!!
Loved it..Sie Dien :D

Nleader said...


I am sure I am not the first one to suggest : Start writing a novel! Have you already? If yes, keep a copy ready for me :)