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Thursday, June 11, 2009

SIBM... What a Place. Nestled in the mountains near pune, this temple of learning has its unique aura. Navigating the long dusty roads of PUNE, the bus inched towards the college nestled amidst the mountains, around 18km from the main city. As the bus reached the base of the hillock on which the college is situated, the tone of the bus changed as if it is from the "Mughal era" trying to negotiate those terrains. Slowly and steadily, our vehicle climbed the hillock wen the bus abruptly stopped at the entrance. The guard entered the bus and announced"MBA First Year ke Bacche, jinhe hostel nahi mila hai, woh Bahar aaiye". With 2 heavy bags, i got down and the bus went inside the camps. Long near the horizon i saw a building and asked the guard, "Kya wohi hamara hostel hai?The guard quipped and said "haan.. wahi hai". He directed me to the building next and asked to to go the office and finish all my formalities and get the hostel and room details. within 10 min the job was done. But now the problem was how will i carry the entire luggage with no vehicle, around a km away? I saw a rack of bicycles kept and took one to ferry the luggage. Balancing the luggage i somehow " walked " with the cycle, with luggage kept on it and reached hostel. The evening went in "breaking the ice" with seniors and small chat sessions. Next day morning we had the induction day.Dress code:-Formals with Tie. My room mate had arrived by night and we just happened to go for a long walk. after coming back from hostel i met few of students from my state and are very close to me now.

Next day morning i got up early and rushed for breakfast. Then we all gathered in the audi. we had some CEO and the director of our college to welcome and give the definite set of rules. Its been 3 days that i have been in the audi from 10am - 5 pm. Some interesting quotes which came up were-

1. "There was a time when Pune was called the Oxford of the East. With our ambitious plans of expansion and going global, there will come a day when Universities will yearn for the title Symbiosis of the West!!!"----------- by our dear principal director.

2. "In the US of A, you must know where to rape!!" - Professor who was stressing on the importance of understanding the geographical and political systems in various regions in the world and their necessity for emerging business leaders and managers. The fine for rape, incidentally varies from state to state in the USA .---another prof about his journey around the world.

My room is situated on the 5th floor of the building and i can see a nice golf course view from it.

Till now the work pressure has not been too much.. but hope the plot is worth the wait....

lots more to come....