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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Surrounded by Illusion

It was the 7th time the stupid game had called me " Loser". For past one week i was jobless. . With hardly a few members of my batch and all seniors around, College looked a lot calmer. Don even think of asking why i stayed back. We were a bunch of caretakers of college who were on special mission to guard the college.(Ended up doing that.. Almost ). I tried to do what all i couldn't do throughout the first semester at college. I washed clothes, cleaned my room. I took a snap of room before and after the cleaning. wow... It looks so beautiful. I wanted to send a snap home but that would freak the hell out of my mother(as she never saw me keep it so clean lately).
Day One:
Good Afternoon.. I said to myself. Kept my laptop on for almost 5 hours non stop to download as many movies i could. I ended up falling asleep again only to realize its already evening.. The battery had died and comp was in a hallucinating stage :P. Drowsy but stable i walked up to the mess and hogged two chats and some tea... I heard some seniors running back to the hostel .. they were happy that the "problem x from the y text book, taught by z teacher in ab's class did not turn up in exam".. pooor fella.. I had a similar tale to tell a few days back.
Day Two:
Good Afternoon( Again...). I was tired of explaining seniors why i was on campus all these days with few others. But thats the way it is.. Luckily few seniors saw me jobless and called me for a game of football. The match lasted about an hour.30 minutes we spent looking for the ball in the woods, 15 minutes i ended up looking for it in the other teams possession, 10 min i kissed it with my foot( Almost..) I backed out the last 5 min.. I felt i was in the Manchester stadium.
Day Three:
" Movie at 11 .. wake up u ass" Read my mobile screen. It was 10 am and i was freaking out from where did this come from. As this was the only way to see the outside world(considering the city is around 18 km), i felt it was a fair deal to get up and get ready. Watched a movie, full paisa vasool..
Day four:
Frustrated with the timetable
of getting up at 10 or 11 am, i decide to check how the would looks at 6 am. Beautiful...!!!
Sun stroked cloudless sky with a pinch of mist and birds chirping.. I wondered life is a lot better on this side of hostel.
Day Five and Six was similar but not same.. So i will skip it.

I learnt a few things....
1. Grass on the other side of the Meadow is always green.
2. Get some Biscuits with u... u never know when you require them.
3. Hot drink+ cigar ash+ soda +lemon.. sucks..( saw my friend puke .. :( .........)
4. Carry your mobile when you go for a walk. You end up missing someone special..
5. Take life with a pinch of salt. Life comes in a package

The new semester was greeted with a chilly morning and a misty day.. Long way to go :)

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