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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Weekends are so good. But after monday and tuesday... i hate when i see the calender..WTF!!

Ya.. its Wednesday to Friday. Horrible days to be in a B school. You feel that u have been hung in mid air. The snapshot of the past weekend's endeavour keeps you kicking as if a carrot is shown to goat to keep moving ahead. Evening football sessions seems to take a backseat with glimpses of submissions and "holy Crap" class tests. Deadlines start dangling on the notice board just to test Herculean-ness in us.

seems that the admin tries to see " How much can we take" . Its like a war where everyone tries to wriggle out of the maze without pulling the trigger. All eyes will be glued on to the time as if extension of class will snatch a chance of hitting the podium with Schumi.

Its seldom i get to post a blog while i am in class. But u tend to learn that in a School. Isn it?

just chill and sing along with me ... WTF!!!


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RIMC gives u that edge dude.....i mean that ability to somehow utilize 24hours as if they were 30.....n yeah u do learn to steal out time for sleeping.....n ofcourse u can alwz ""dope""....ask dwivedi how!!!!