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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

River of Tears

Disclaimer: I am the third person in this narration. I am not the lead character. The hero is my close friend. This is a real life incident.

“That was not the best of meeting I had expected. Clad in an under fitting jeans and old T’s I was standing at the college entrance when I first saw her. It was December and the weather was moist. Hesitantly, she stepped in the college premises with her friends. Her shimmering blue eyes had flattened many. I was no god. So even I was struck by the cupid. She looked up and laughed. I was embarrassed. As she walked by my side, after a distance, slowly she lifted her head and looked at me. With her soft hands, moved the streak of hair teasing her cheeks and put them behind her ears. The light blue ear rings perfectly complimented. Our eyes met. A gentle smile emerged on her face. I was lost.
The euphoria of the rendezvous always kept me jumping. The very sight of her used to make me feel special. Many times, just to make out paths intersect, I have diverted from my way. This became a routine till I realize that she realized it and started avoiding me. But how many days can she avoid me? Good old lord listened and in few days I was shamelessly hogging the Roti’s which she had prepared specially for me.
When we were together, the world hardly mattered. Sometimes we used to laugh over unsaid words and cherish them. Even in group, they intimacy levels had crossed its limit which sometimes used to question the status. I was still single.
Slowly the meetings prolonged from 5 minutes to bunking a class and going for movie. The scenes were perfect. Almost like Bollywood movie. The levels of possessiveness had not yet infringed. All was going on well till…
College is full of opportunities for your career. And I was an extrovert. I wanted to be everywhere. Debates, Declamations, Tennis, Dance and more. This brief stardom had started taking toll on our relationship. I had to be away from her for longtime. When she needed me, I was too busy to attend to attend her. The day’s work used to take a toll and late night fights over the phone were common. Small things like “ Why were you holding her waist while dancing” to “ How come she is staring at you so much during dramatics” to “ why do you have to talk to her during declamation”… I couldn’t answer all of them.
On the flipside, when I used to know she had been to a movie with her friends and not informed me, I let hell loose on her. Small things began to bother both of us. Conversation turned to be formal and sometimes forceful. There was a time when matters like “why this person likes that person.. Do you like me the same way as that person..” to laughing about the way we “ held each other’s hand” . But now all that was gone.
“ Fat the Wuck?” I shouted on her. It was raining cats and dogs in the campus. Standing along the deserted corridor, I was broken. At last she had found me too unbearable. “What’s happened to you? Why have you changed so much? Where is the old Aditya I know?.. Tears rolling from her rosy cheeks, she held my collar and cried. I just walked away from her. I heard her last few words “You will not find me when you need me.. Good Bye”.
I returned home and switched on my laptop. It was acting funny, must have been some virus from the college Lab. I shut it down and tried to switch on the TV. No power. My head was aching, so I went to have a shower. No water. “Life is SHIT” I shouted.
I decided to take a walk. Taking the rickety roadside I went in the park. Happy couples were happily exchanging greetings. The entire 4 years rolled by and I felt choked. I realized its hardly few days and after that everyone will be gone. I started weeping hard. But guess god was kind enough to hind my tears. It started raining. Down, broke, I sat on an old bench. I tried reaching her number but as expected it was off.
I completed my graduation and went to states to work. It’s almost a year now. Yesterday I got a call from my friend. It was her marriage and they were surprised that I didn’t know. Obviously, I couldn’t explain to them. I returned yesterday to Mumbai. I still miss her. But I wish she is happy now.”

This is what happens when you are few pints down with lemon and J D. We met after a long time. My eyes filled with tears when I heard it.
Aditya is an established Investment Banker with a famous MNC now. Motivated by another friend who updated his status msg about his friend, I asked him to allow me to put it up my blog. He obliged. Life moves on.. Isn’t it?


CJ said...

touched me man ... and reminded me of that song by pink floyd !!! WISH YOU WERE HERE ...

govind said...

:) i kept smiling for some time after reading ..

Sujit said...

life does move on..bt a small part of it is left behind frozen in time....