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Friday, May 7, 2010

Keeda called “B School”

It seems that this world is caught by the word MBA. We are seeing that every Tom, Dick and Harry (a.k.a TD&H) comes out with his own version of MBA experience. And then??? The same TD&H is better known as some Hi Fi award winner for writing “ Life in a B School “

I have had the fortune of reading quite some books. You all know them ( may not be all). No.. I am not against any of them. In fact I loved reading the books. I even follow one of them on twitter. All I am bothered is why “MBA” is toppled in such gravy and made into a delicious Kemah which everyone loves so much?

The plot is all planned. Either the guy is an engineer from some weird college and later worked his Bum off to solve a problem 99.99% faster than his compatriot to win a seat in one of prestigious B schools, or he is a known nerd from IITs and he decided to screw his life for another 2 years to serve some MNC boss who will shower fat cash and ask him to do a lap dance in market to attract customers and meet targets.

Then enters the “Roop Ki Rani”. The supposedly HOT beauty on campus sweeps of the entire batch and one lucky ass gets to grab her number. Everyone tries to woo her by some means or other but she always falls for “ I damn care about u” kinda guy. It starts with a Hi. Then they don’t know why they said hi .By the time they realize the reason, they are busy. To spend quality time together, they meet in some room. The guy’s lips land exactly on the babe’s lips and there is a firework all around. One things leads to another and they lose what they were protecting till now. The sulky mood carries on for few days. Then she supposedly helps him realize his dreams and also get placed well in a good company. Then the big question. What’s next?

Amidst all this confusion there is also a “hero cum villain”. He is supposed to be the guy’s best friend who has crush on the lead’s girlfriend who is their common friend. But this looser doesn’t have guts to tell about his feelings to the girl. The lead always wishes that “ god like friend” never gathers courage to spill beans in front of his sweetheart. Then typical Hindi movie scene and dialogues of sacrifices fly from all corners. Nut head... Be a man. Don’t act godly by sacrificing the feeling. You came as a human and remain so.

How can I forget the other characters? There will be a “Sada hua Lecturer” who tries all ways to screw up student’s life in a B School. His quizzes give opportunity for students to do “Group study” , Watch some “colorful” movie to keep themselves awake. Many turn vegetarians and turn on to weeds and grass to satisfy their hunger. The old husky movie songs surface which has this soothing effect to put everyone to sleep. Body clock goes to a toss as many fail to differentiate b/w day and night.

In the end it’s a happy story where the guy scores the chic and lives happily ever after.

After all this reading I am sure many of you must have wondered.. Was I so jobless that I came up with this piece of s**t? Not at all. I learnt few things.

1. Girl always gets the guy. It’s destined.

2. Mood swings to turn vegetarian are high. Beware.

3. If you are hitting on a Prof’s daughter, Go ahead. Just ensure you don’t end up meeting him, wearing his sneakers, in his house. Now a days.. Hostels are free.

4. MBA is such a flesh that everyone wants to claim the best piece.


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