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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Foundation of Love

Looking at this brat reminds me of the Fevicol ad where the mother is trying to keep her naughty son at one place. I call him “Chuk Buuk”. Rehman is his real name. . He is 6 years old. With an empty plate in one hand and other near his mouth; he keeps running around his mother who is a helper at construction site, imitating a train engine. I meet him almost every day after my classes.

As I was walking back to my dorm, he came and showed me a small painting. I asked him about its owner. His curious eyes radiated the happiness. He quipped me and said “I have done it Bhaiya, isn’t it good”? I was very happy. After 3 days of persuasion, he had left playing with sand and mud, and started to do something creative. I asked him what he does every day. His reply was “I get up, then play, den eat, then play, then sleep, then eat, then play, then….” . I understood. I asked him about his schooling. He said he doesn’t go to school. He feels he is still very young to go to school.

He held my hand and dragged me. He wanted to introduce me to his friends. I happily obliged. They were a gang of five. As he took me near the construction site, he introduced me to his friends as a “ Big Friend”. They asked about what I do. I said them that I study. Someone in the group said, Somu sings well. I requested him to sing for me. He was hesitant. He quickly ran away and hid behind his mother. I asked which game they play. They cheered Cricket. After a small chat I decided to return to dorm. Chuk Buuk decided to come with me till the end of the fenced area. Suddenly he asked me “ Bhaiya, who stays on top of that hill” pointing at the beautiful mountains of Lavale. I asked why. He wanted to go there it seems, but his mother never allowed him to cross the fence without her. He requested me to take me to the hill. He said he wanted to stand on top the farthest hill and call out his mother.

Before I bid my little friend goodbye, I offered him a chocolate. He took it from me, but did not open it. I asked him to have. He reluctantly kept it inside his pocket and said “I will show it to my mother and then I will eat”. Suddenly he looked at sky and started blowing kisses towards the sky. He waved at me and started running back. I called him back and asked for the explanation for those kisses. He hopped and withdrew back saying “ I am thanking god because I am very happy today”. His one hand still on the pocket where he had treasured the chocolate, he chugged back to his mother.

I just turned back to get his last glimpse for the day, I saw him, holding a broken brick, trying to persuade his mother to use it for the construction. His mother picked it, picked the boy in her arms, and kissed him.

Looking at the boy, I realized god is still around, I however small form he can be.

The pillars of love trust and innocence had prepared the foundation.

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The GeeK said...

nice one..
hope your chuk buuk goes to that hill and calls out his mother..
and i thank you for sharing this with us on the year end..
happy new year..!!